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You can then start the process of uploading your documentation so that your dedicated mortgage advisor can complete your mortgage switcher application.

So let’s get started…

Once you have set up your customer account, click on ‘My Applications’ link above and you will be brought through to your active application. Please complete your details under the ‘Personal Details’ tab and this will form part of your application form. The ‘My Documentation Status’ section of your account will allow you to see what documents are required and once uploaded what documents have been reviewed, accepted or if rejected then we will apply a note to outline why. Once all documents are uploaded our little house icons will all have green circles and smiles on their faces (and so will you!). It is worth noting that the uploading of your documentation is the most time consuming part of the process but it will be worth it to achieve savings on your mortgage. The average process takes 6 weeks from when we have all documentation from you, so 6 weeks to REAL savings. We understand paperwork can be tedious but once we have a full pack of document’s we can manage the switching process and you will have visibility of status via our customer portal. Just keep thinking of those savings and how you can use them to live better.

Log in anytime to your secure account

You can log in anytime to upload additional documents or to track the progress of your application. We will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure you are aware of application status and steps to completion. We are also always available for a call or you can contact your dedicated mortgage advisor by email. See the Contact Us section of the portal. It’s all part of our free service.